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Order the video for My Queen 

-Queens want a gift with real meaning behind it. They want something that's heartfelt and personal, that shows someone put real thought and effort into it.-
Here's a great idea!

your own music video of "My Queen"(for 50% off,
using your own Queen's images!
Edit in her favorite photos or videos and type in your own special message of love to her.
Email the video to her or post it to Youtube so she can open it whenever she wants or proudly forward it to friends to share.
It's personal, unique and she will LOVE YOU forever for making her feel like royalty! 

Here's how you get started and order the video!
My Queen Audio, Video and License Order Form 

Thanks for your order!

*Perfect for ANY occasion; December Holidays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, Cancer Awareness, weddings, proposals, apologies, Celebrations of Life or just because.

*There's also a "My King" female vocal version! Songs are sung in multiple languages and delivery is simple. Here's how!


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