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How to Order the Video

-People want a gift with real meaning behind it. They want something that's heartfelt and personal, that shows you put real thought and effort into it.-
Here's a great idea!

your own music video of "My Queen" (or My King) for 50% off, using your own images!
Edit in their favorite photos or videos and type in your own special message of love.
Email the video to them or post it to Youtube so they can open it whenever they want or proudly forward it to friends to share.
It's personal, unique and they will LOVE YOU forever for making them feel like royalty! 

Here's how you get started!

First, a small bit about Youtube:
Youtube typically frowns upon videos where the users are not authorized to post a copyrighted song. The normal cost to license a copyrighted song could be $100 on the very low end to thousands of dollars on the high end. Uploading it without those permissions could land you in a lot of trouble or possibly lose your Youtube privileges.
We will give you our permission to post!

We will grant you an authorization from the owners** of "My Queen/King" to download the song, add your own images to it and edit it to make your own personal music video with it. You are also free to post it on Youtube (or other Social Media platforms) or email it directly to your loved one's inbox. **Owners include all major participants in the song, including the writer, vocalist, producer, publisher and record company. Visit Terms of use to read the full agreement for restrictions.
The Cost? Not Thousands. Not hundreds. Not even $100. We will even discount the industry's lowest rate by 30%.
The cost to license and authorize "My Queen"/"My King" for your video is a one time fee of $70. That's it!

That gives you the right to:
1. Download the audio (which now includes the Mp3 version AND a higher quality .wav audio file.) 
2. Create and edit your own personal video.
3. Post it on Youtube or social media or email it directly to your loved one with no worries.
Now, that's a GREAT deal!

Editing the Video:

We also offer a service that allows you to quickly and easily add  your own photos or videos and edit it all by yourself ... ONLINE!
In as little as a few hours you can create a high quality video, make as many changes as you want, supplement your video with great free stock footage, while saving your work at your leisure until you're happy with the results.
Once you're happy, you only pay an additional $25 to export your video to your computer.  Now, THAT'S a great deal!

So, for about $95 total* you get a customized music video and a personal, heartfelt song that your loved one will absolutely adore you for, delivered to your own computer in less than a day or 2! Or....

If you are not so technically inclined, we will edit the video for you for an additional cost of $125 plus the $70 license fee. (Please allow 5 days for delivery.) That's still a great deal at $195 total* for the music, the video rights and an edited, finished video.
(*before tax.)

Do something thoughtful and meaningful to make your loved one happy! Fill out the contact form below and you'll get access to our private downloads page to grab the files and directions to get started!

Visit Terms of restrictions to read the full agreement for restrictions.

I'm ready to grab the files and download!
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