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For Men Only!

Guys..Let's keep this really simple!

When you want to give her something to make her happy..

1. Find out what she loves

2. Find a way to give that thing to her (and make sure to include at least one personal item that touches her heart along with it!)

3. Never forget her dates of importance.

Here's how you do it:

1. Send her "My Queen's List." Attach (or copy) the list in an email or simply print it out to hand to her.

2. Ask her to please fill it out and return it to you because you really want to make her happy and feel like the Queen that she is.

3. Read her list carefully. It will tell you everything you need to know to really make her happy. If you still need gift ideas, just check out our most popular items on our "Hot Sales" page for our best selling gift ideas that Queens have already bought.

4. Lastly, if you're still missing something personal, gather up some of her photos and make her a "My Queen" personal video. Seriously, if you give her that, she will watch it over and over and you really wouldn't need to do much more to touch her heart.

The result?

No more guessing, long lines or shopping at 100 stores. She's happy because she gets something she really desires. You know your gift is gonna make her happy. She'll appreciate that you took the time and initiative to ask her about the personal desires of her heart!  :)

*Only you can provide her with the love she desires. :)

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