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Image by Vladimir Soares
The cost to license "My Queen" is a one time fee of $75. 

How much does it cost to create and edit a music video?

The cost to edit a music video can also vary widely. The cost for a simple independent video might be in the $400-500 range, while a video for a major artist or label can run thousands of dollars. 

You can edit "My Queen" yourself (in a day) using the simple service below for $18 or $25.
Or, we can edit it for you for $125. (allow 5 days for delivery.) 

So, for about $100 you can have the video in a day if you edit it.
Or, we'll edit it for you and deliver it in about 5 days for about $200 total, including the licensing, permissions and editing.
Either way, your Queen will absolutely LOVE this personal gift!
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