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You deserve to be treated  

like a Queen!


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What's a Queen's List?

Every Queen should have a Queen's List!

Queen's List defines what's important to a Queen, her needs, important dates to remember, gifts she'd enjoy and the secrets to keep her smiling like the Queen she was born to be.

It's part wish list, part shopping list, part self care list and part bucket list. It's a Queen's standard.

It's a quick and simple document with questions that reveal (and remind to some) what a Queen truly thinks, feels, wants and desires. It stops a lot of  misunderstandings.

Click now to learn more about how My Queen's List  can help to change your life, all for less than the cost of a sandwich!

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Why you need a Queen's List!

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A Queen's Feelings:

  Get the Perfect, Unique Gift  of LoveThat's 

Made For a Queen!


*Create your own music video of "My Queen"

(the world's most LOVED song and video for women) featuring your own unique photos and images! It's the perfect personal gift idea!

*Perfect for ANY occasion; December Holidays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, Cancer Awareness, weddings, proposals, apologies, Celebrations of Life or just because.
*There's also a "My King" female vocal version! Songs are sung in multiple languages and delivery is simple. *Watch the (3 consecutive) videos. Imagine your own images and order your personalized copy today!


To Download (the single) "My Queen" or "My King" (Mp3) Click here.

        Shop like a Queen!

            A list of HOT  deals for Queens

               from our most popular items.

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Online Meeting
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Every day should be a day filled with positivity, inspiration, laughter, growth and excitement for a true Queen.

Share your thoughts, wisdom, photos, videos or tell us about the many blessings in your life!

Let's Talk:

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Find last second, quick gifts here!


 Queen for the Day:

We'll feature interesting and unique Queens who enjoy life to the fullest, have a special talent or have overcome major obstacles to find happiness or success. Send us your story or one of someone you know.

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Moz Anderson, 88, loves big hats and dancing. Read her story.


Grants and Donations:

We provide grants to support women (and men) who have sacrificed their dreams to help others. You may also want to donate to sponsor a deserving Queen's dream. Donate to our 501(c)3 or apply for a grant here.

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Send Us Your Story/Video:

Have an opinion? A review? Have an interesting story, suggestion or talent we should know about? Send it. If it's good, we'll publish it. If it's bad, we'll learn from it! Click for more details. We'd love to hear from you!

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